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Handmade earrings by Wailani Jewelry & Beauty bring just the right touch to complete any look. From simple and casual to bold and bright, find the right pair that suits you.

  • JYLA Jewelry Handmade Sterling Silver Minimal Square Earrings

    "Disconnect" Square Earrings


    Crafted entirely by hand, our hammered "Disconnect" earrings are perfect for those who like minimal jewelry of simple elegance.  With a smooth, intentional design, each piece of the square is connected.  The contrast is to remind us to keep things simple, continue moving, and disconnect for self-care and wellness.  

    Beautiful when worn on their own, these earrings make the perfect set with our "Disconnect" Square Necklace.  

    • Material: .925 sterling silver

    • 0.6 in/14mm long

    • Handcrafted in the USA

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  • City Lights Gold & Silver Handmade Shimmer Earrings JYLA Jewelry

    "City Lights" Earrings


    Our sexy "City Lights" earrings are sure to make a statement wherever you wear them.  Whimsy and striking, each gold and silver chain is cut with precision at different lengths to create a fun but balanced look. This is to represent the balance of earth, where we have beauty both in nature and in cities.

    Wear them alone, or with our "Soft Rain" necklaces and shine around town.

    • Material: 14k goldfill, .925 sterling silver

    • 2.5 in/63.5mm long

    • Handcrafted in the USA


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  • JYLA Jewelry Just Beachy Blue & Gold Ocean Hoop Earrings

    "Just Beachy" Earrings


    There is nothing better than a day at the beach! Our "Just Beachy" earrings, with flowing textured chains inside of flirty teardrop hoops and tranquil blue quartz drops below, aim to capture the feeling fun and freedom you find at the ocean.  Just imagine ... your feet in the warm sand, the refreshing cool breeze kissing your face, and the beauty of the sparkling ocean captivating your gaze.

    • Material: 14k gold filled, blue quartz

    • approximately 2.13 in/54mm long

    • Handcrafted in the USA

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  • Perpetual Mixed Metal Handmade Earrings by JYLA Jewelry

    "Soothing Shores" Earrings


    Hawaii is an island paradise, positioned in the remote waters of the Pacific Ocean. Pristine waters surround the glistening sands, where the sun kisses the skin and soothes the mind, body and soul. Thus, our "Soothing Shores" earrings are inspired by the oceanic currents surrounding the islands, and the pure bliss of its beaches. 

    Feel confident and stunning in these sophisticated mixed metal earrings, made entirely by hand. Their movement and polished finish catches the light in every setting, making for an elegant addition to any outfit.  They are stylish on their own, but can also be paired with our "Soothing Shores" Necklace for a truly stunning look.  

    • Material: .925 sterling silver, 14k goldfill 

    • 1 in/25mm long

    • Handcrafted in the USA

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  • Handmade Gold & Pyrite Woven Earrings by JYLA Jewelry

    "Lava Rock" Earrings


    Representing the volcanoes and lava rocks throughout the Hawaiian Islands, our "Lava Rock" earrings feature pyrite gemstones woven onto Wailani Jewelry signature hoops.  The name pyrite actually comes from the Greek work, and means "a stone which strikes fire."

    • Material: 14k goldfill, pyrite

    • 1.25 in/31.75mm long

    • Handcrafted in the USA

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  • Handmade Seeing Triple Sterling Silver Hammered Circle Earrings by JYLA Jewelry

    "Ocean Currents" Earrings


    Because the wind drives the surface waters of the oceans, there are major patterns of oceanic circulation. We can observe clockwise circulation patterns in the northern hemisphere, and counter-clockwise patterns in the southern hemisphere.  These amazing patterns served as inspiration for our "Ocean Currents" earrings, available in sterling silver. These pieces strive to capture the driving winds and moving seas with smooth clean lines.   

    Try matching them with our "Ocean Currents" necklace for a set that is perfect for all occasions!

    • Material: .925 sterling silver

    • 1 in/25mm long

    • Handcrafted in the USA

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